The Evolution Of The Slang Dictionary: Moving To The Blockchain…


1. A word or phrase not yet accepted into a major centralized dictionary. (i.e. Webster’s, Oxford, etc.)

2. An acronym for Excellent Words of Tremendous Honor.

Ewoth Dictionary ( was founded by David Werba in 2012 as the “evolution of the slang dictionary”, the first to credit and link back to word creators, allow people to claim words, integrate digital fingerprint, and more.

By 2015 the small Ewoth Staff reached a depressing wall as they were unable to keep up with the growing backlog of word submissions. The technology simply did not exist quite yet to enable the full vision and scope of the Ewoth Dictionary. As several old Italian ladies wept in the background, the website was shut down and some of the words found a temporary home at Werba’s Strange Human satire blog.

Enter The Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, And Decentralized Exchanges: A Triumphant Return For Ewoth…

David Werba - Ewoth Dictionary

David Werba hosting a Musiconomi livestream (with members of team)

In 2016 Werba’s interest in blockchain tech grew more serious as he started to envision a new path for the dictionary while cutting his teeth on two large-scale blockchain projects. In early 2017 he accepted an invitation to work on the Musicoin Project (, starting as a Growth Hacker and later appointed CMO. Musicoin became the first operational streaming platform on the blockchain, and developed its own stable cryptocurrency ($MUSIC) now traded on the exchanges.

Early in the Summer of 2017, Werba branched off with other members of the Musicoin Team to create a new startup that explored all aspects of the global music economy, expanding on what was already built at Musicoin. The new startup was called Musiconomi, and it was accepted by blockchain VC firm (CFI) to be their second featured project. After reaching the hard cap funding goal at the end of August 2017, Musiconomi (MCI) began its platform development as Werba left operations in September to start advising on a series of groundbreaking new blockchain projects and start development of EWOTH: The Blockchain Dictionary.

The Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Decentralized ExchangeCentralized exchanges (CEX) have grown increasingly unstable. They have become susceptible to jurisdictional manipulation and over-regulation which is leaving traders uneasy about the security of their assets. A global shift is happening in this regard. Decentralized exchanges are proving to be the future in many key respects, and the gold standard that has risen like a phoenix from the ashes is the Bitshares DEX.

Bitshares is the brainchild of Dan Larimer (Steemit, EOS). It was founded a few years ago as a decentralized autonomous company (DAC), which means no one person owns Bitshares and it is not based in any one country. Larimer was ahead of his time with his vision, and the education, marketing, and user adoption is finally gaining traction.

The Ewoth Dictionary is one of a new breed of projects that will inject some major life and new users into the DEX as millions of word submissions are expected to flow through the system in coming years. While some of the CEX’s will likely figure out a viable path forward, the Ewoth project is positioning itself first on the DEX as it explores cross-chain functionality with submission options via Steemit and upcoming integration with EOS.

EWOTH Alpha 1.0 is now live. You can now Submit Your Words!

The $SLANG Token

$SLANG is a decentralized autonomous reward token (DART) issued on the Bitshares DEX. One Billion tokens were minted and 100% will be awarded to word creators and word miners, which will include rewards for competitions, bounties and volunteers. When a new word is submitted to the Ewoth Dictionary, a unique software protocol will determine its originality. $SLANG Market Page.

Word miners (crowd-sourced volunteer lexicographers) will then cross-check the protocol, fix definitions for grammar, and assist with verification. When the new word is then posted in the dictionary on the blockchain, both the word creator and the word miner will automatically receive 1 SLANG each. The token in this sense will act as a digital certificate of word creation. There will be different levels of word miners as well based on benchmarks to ensure the posting process maintains speed and accuracy. (i.e. Level 3 Miners will receive additional SLANG)

The $EWOTH Token

Ewoth will simply be known as “the blockchain dictionary”, an immutable living dictionary that is powered by a variation of the Graphene Open Source blockchain – the same blockchain that Bitshares itself was built upon as it bears similar philosophy with the need for speed to handle high transaction count. The Alpha website will begin with partial manual processing and automation will initiate in Beta targeted by Summer 2018.

$EWOTH tokens represent voting shares for the virtual Ewoth Foundation. 100 million tokens were issued on the Bitshares DEX and they will not be a traded token. Bounty proposals will be submitted to and approved by the Ewoth Foundation.

Feel free to reach out on Social for proposals, questions, etc. @EwothDictionary on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The primary discussion forum exists at the Ewoth Discord Channel. You can follow development updates at David Werba’s Steemit blog.

Ewoth Dictionary Tenets And Mission

The project mission laid out by Werba back in 2012 still holds true today, only stronger, empowered by the capabilities of new blockchain tech…

  • Credit to word creators – The primary tenet of the Ewoth Dictionary philosophy. New words are micro-inventions, and at the very least word creators deserve to be acknowledged and cited properly. This will be achieved by Ewoth’s decentralized tamper-proof public ledger (blockchain) and software protocol.
  • Focus on original words – As some online niche dictionaries enable the option of re-defining words that were already submitted, the original word creators get lost in the shuffle with no credit. The focus at Ewoth is on the original creator and they will be the one cited and rewarded with the SLANG token. The option to allow others to add multiple definitions afterwards is being explored.
  • Historical reference – The brass ring for each new word is to someday get added to a major centralized dictionary (Webster’s, Oxford, etc.). New slang words, like “Bling” and “Chillax”, get added in batches every year based on adoption and usage in pop culture. When the new batch is announced each year, again what gets lost in the shuffle is who first created the word. No true historical reference exists, and Ewoth is going to change that.
  • Claim words – While the process of cross-checking, verifying, and approving is getting perfected, the ability to “claim” a word will be enabled as a submission option in Beta. When someone sees a word in the dictionary where they have proof they created it earlier than the date posted, they will submit a claim. A level 3 word miner will then approve, and both the claimer and the word miner will receive 1 SLANG each as the word page is updated.
  • Usage partners – Bloggers and Social Brands have already reached out to become a Reference Partner to assist in hyperlinking and usage in context. More will be coming and announced on Social as the launch of Ewoth’s Alpha website nears.

Ewoth Advisory Group

David Werba – Founder of Ewoth Dictionary, former Growth Hacker/CMO at Musicoin, co-owner/Editor at Indie Music Plus, Blockchain Advisor at Emanate and Loly.

Joel Comm – Advisor, co-host of Bad Crypto Podcast, NY Times best-selling author, Keynote Speaker, founder of iFart Mobile

Eric Grill – Advisor, CEO at CoinOutlet, CTO at Trive

Adryenn Ashley – Advisor, CEO at Loly, Keynote Speaker, founder of CrowdedTV

Nick Cappello – Advisor, IT Expert, CTO of Grounding Flight

Ewoth Dictionary

Roadmap And Milestones



• EWOTH announces its move to the blockchain

• Development begins on Alpha website



• Alpha website 1.0 launched: Steemit Post

• Creative Commons Integration: Steemit Post


• Word Royalties and Usage Partners: Steemit Post

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