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Ewoth MascotEwoth.com was founded in 2012 and is currently seeking Venture Capital. We are also in open negotiations with new ad partners. We will remain in Beta Mode during this time, but we are accepting new words NOW!

At first glance The Ewoth Dictionary™ may not seem revolutionary, but if you take the time to read about its database integrity and submission process we feel you’ll understand how greatly it breaks the mold.

Ewoth Database Integrity

Since the dawn of the web, the Ewoth Staff has been observing the evolution of niche dictionaries. Collections of funny words, slang, corporate lingo, neologisms, and portmanteaus have popped up around the web over the years.  Some have become quite popular, but none of them have done it right.  Here are some key elements that we feel make The Ewoth Dictionary the ultimate resource for “words not yet accepted to the major dictionaries of the English language”:

1. Credit to the author/creator of the words.  It’s about time, right?  We will also provide a linkback to the creator’s website, Twitter page, blog article, etc., of their choice to show more proof. Many feel this feature alone makes Ewoth.com the ultimate resource, being the first dictionary of its kind to properly credit contributors. COMING SOON: Ad revenue sharing to word creators!

2. Only original words.  This will not be a place that lists words that are already in Webster’s and Oxford. This will not be a place that re-defines words like “dog” and “cat” just so we can boast of a larger database.

3. Submit your own words.  You can read more about the submission process HERE,  but know it will be a legitimate process of excellence.

4. Claim your words.  Another key sign of Ewoth Integrity, by seeking to build a legitimate historical record , we allow people to claim their words providing they have proof. To claim or re-claim, go HERE.

5. Helpful BLOG.  Our blog will not just be about Ewoth company news, it will address the questions that people send in, better explain how we maintain database integrity, and help you with submitting, claiming, corrections, etc. See blog HERE.

6. Corrections.  We embrace all feedback, and we encourage readers to contact us should any errors be noticed. For corrections go HERE.

7. We’ve got lexicographers!  We’re not just another niche dictionary, we actually care about how words are presented and whether they make sense to the average reader.  Our approval editors will fix the grammar in definitions, research, cross-check, and validate to ensure proper credit and date of origin. We will also ensure definitions carry no bias towards age, race, gender, political party, or creed.

8. Memes/Comics.  We create our own memes HERE, and we also create some nice informative comic strips on some word pages to help people better understand word usage. (comic strips created by Ewoth Dictionary are generated at http://www.makebeliefscomix.com and http://www.toondoo.com)

9. Digital Fingerprint. In partnership with DigiProve.com we have installed custom integration to provide a tamper-proof digital fingerprint for claimed, re-claimed, and submitted words.  This is yet another layer of acknowledgement for the deserving authors/creators.  This is especially helpful for people who don’t have a website, and/or they want to register their new genius words somewhere quickly.  All you have to do is submit it here at Ewoth.com and it’s officially on record! The DigiProve digital copyright process is only performed for claimed and submitted words on behalf of the creator/author, and ewoth.com takes NO ownership of the words on the website. Pretty cool, huh? 

10. Sister Project. Ewoth Dictionary is working with StrangeHuman.com to provide an even deeper level of word usage in context. SHN is not your average news website, so proceed with caution but check it out HERE.

The Ewoth Staff will constantly be observing the web for the latest excellent words of tremendous honor, encouraging and of course adding new submissions from readers.  Feedback to our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ accounts will contribute to our Editor’s Choice category, and we will be rotating various different sorting widgets in the sidebar. We look forward to seeing your new words, and hope you enjoy your experience at Ewoth.com!

IN THE PIPELINE: Ewoth Radio Podcast, Professional videos for popular words (no crappy cell phone videos), Original graphic images for words/phrases, Revenue sharing for authors, and more!