Bitshares Registration

Your free Bitshares DEX account is also your Bitshares wallet. This is a simple guide below to help you get registered. Read carefully and make sure to backup your wallet!

1. Go to the Bitshares registration page. (desktop/laptop computer in Chrome browser works best. Firefox or IE browser also work, but Safari does NOT)

2. Click on the ADVANCED link on the bottom right. (creating a Local Wallet in your browser is safest/easiest)

3. Choose your username and password.

• Add a number at the end of your username

• Write your password down on a piece of paper or notepad online


• Account creation can take a couple minutes to process. If you still see an hourglass after 5 minutes, just refresh the page and it should be all set.

5. The next page will explain that you need to create a backup, so click the blue button CREATE BACKUP NOW. (important)

6. Click to download the .bin file to your computer. (important)

• Email the .bin file to yourself as an attachment, save it to a thumb drive, or save it in cloud storage (dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)

• Do NOT rename the .bin file, just keep it as it is and save it.

• The only way to restore your account is with the .bin file PLUS your password, so DO NOT LOSE IT.

NOTE: You can only access your Bitshares account in ONE browser on ONE computer at a time. If you want to change computer/browser, you’ll have to upload the .bin file with your password.

8. Grab a glass of prune juice and bask in the glory of your new Bitshares account. You should also BOOKMARK the website in your browser while your on the Account page for easy future access. Start poking around the DEX and enjoy!